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John Woods at work in the field.Since 2002, John Woods has been hand-crafting functional armour for use in authentic medieval combat. Specializing in 14th Century Transitional armour, the Woods Armoury creates pieces using a combination of both modern and period construction techniques.
The Woods Armoury is currently not taking orders or custom commissions, but does from time to time offer “in-stock” munitions-grade armour. We often have a selection of armour and other items listed on our eBay Store. Please contact us to enquire about the availability of in-stock items.
Continuously developing his skills in metal fabrication, John also enjoys working with leather as well as other period matierals such as wood and horn.
One area of the shop at the Woods Armoury.Throughout the 14th Century, armour was characterized by the increased usage of "plate" armour made of hard materials such as iron or steel. Prior to this, armour was mostly comprised of "chain" maille and soft padded garments.
Because of this change, armour of this time is often called Transitional Armour. During this period the man-at-arms continued to wear a maille hauberk (shirt), layering other pieces over top of it to add greater protection to his body and limbs.