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This style of helm and visor was common in the second half of the 14th Century and has probably seen service throughout Europe. This type of visor is often called a “round-nose” and the term “klappvisor” actually refers to the single center hinge attachment. Visors with a center hinge mount were more commonly seen in and around what is now Germany. This Bascinet and Visor is based on a piece that can be found in the collection of Castle Valeria located in Sion, Switzerland. The effigy of Hartmann of Kroneburg (d.1372) also depicts a Bascinet with a similar center-hinge Klappvisor.
Construction: 14 guage mild steel and assembled with solid steel rivets.
Price: Basic Helm $250.00 Options: Detachable Klappvisor with hand-forged hinge, add $100.00 / Leather band (to attach maille skirt), add $50.00 / Linen Liner and Chin-strap, add $50.00 / Perforated steel protection behind eye-slots, add $50.00